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How to Join

All Aboard!

Join this list and become part of a cartooning community!

Who can join?  Anybody who lives in middle- or north-Alabama, or who is originally from here, who is 
active (as a professional or a hobbyist) in some cartoonish pursuit. You might be a comic book penciller, a comic strip inker, a cartoon animator, a Flash animator, an anime writer, a caricaturist, a wacky illustrator, a funny fine artist, a graphic novel publisher, or whatever.
Here's what to do:

Email me, so I can make your Salty 'Ham page.  My e-dress is cgarrison[at] Just include --

• Your name (or fake name, if you wish).
• Your city or suburb.
• A paragraph or two of text.  It could be about what you do, or what you want to do, or who your influences are, or whatever you want to say. Or you could write nothing and leave it with just pictures.
• Any links you'd like me to include, such as webcomics, sketch blogs, deviantART portfolios, etc.
• Tell me whether or not it's okay to put your email address where people can see it.
• Attach 1 to 7 jpegs of your work. You can also send a jpeg photo of yourself, if you want your picture on here.  If you have animation, I can put up youtube links, instead of just jpegs.

Once you've sent me your stuff, I'll try to add you in the next couple of days or whenever I can.  Again, the email address is cgarrison[at]  Thanks for joining!