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Welcome to the SHC Online Comic Book Gallery!  Everything in here is at least two pages long (hence the name Comic BOOK Gallery, instead of Comic STRIP Gallery).  And these are all ONLINE comics.  No print-only stuff in this collection.

Click the images to read the full stories, or click the artists' names to read more about the creators.  If you're looking for more work by a particular cartoonist, you may find some in the links at the bottom of this page.

Oh, and you might want to check back here from time to time, because we're bound to add more comics in the future.  Happy reading!

** Note: A few of the stories linked below are for MATURE READERS ONLY.  So read at your own risk. **

Death (4 pp.)
by Howard Cruse

(They're all on one Flash site, so please navigate
your own way to the start of each title.)

The Golden Wolf (77+ pp.)

Additional links:

More comics by Jessica Campbell
Zar (4 pp.)
Tracker Devil (8+ pp.)
Past Twilight (16+ pp.)
Let Go (4+ pp.)
Fire and Flame (29+ pp.)
Blood Brothers (5+ pp.)

More comics written by Jamie Cottle:
Lightstorm (11+ pp.)

More comics by Howard Cruse:
Penceworth (4 pp?)

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