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Alison Marceau - Pelham

My name is Alison Marceau and I live, for the moment, in Pelham.

I'm originally from Rhode Island, that TINY little state in New England that has a huge debt and everyone thinks is part of New York. I still retain my accent, which causes people down here to stare at me when I talk too quickly.  I moved to Houston, TX when I was 16, and it was during the culture shock of moving to a highly southern/western/Republican state that I taught myself how to draw.  It was my escape from having to explain for the millionth time that, once again...Rhode Island is NOT in New York (would you believe I got asked this by students in my GEOGRAPHY class?).

After making it through the harsh wilderness that is High School, I attended The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, where I learned what being a starving artist truly was.  In order to afford supplies for my classes, I went on a pack of ramen noodles a day for three weeks.  Unfortunately, I simply could not keep up with the expenses of being an overworked, under-fed, and burned out art college student ... so I sadly packed up my pencils and went back home.

Somehow, I made it here to B'ham, where I live with my wonderful one-and-only, Josh.  I draw mostly as a hobby, to express my ideas, designs, and write characters into my favorite universes such as Star Wars and Marvel, in an obsession I've had since I was younger, to live in worlds more exciting than my own.

Though I would love to publish my own comic story someday, I'm quite happy with drawing for myself.  I'm hopefully going to school soon to be a cosmetologist, which seems like it would be a really fun job for me.

My biggest influences are David Mack, Tim Burton, Brian Froud, Tetsuya Nomura, Marvel comic artists over the years, and my great and awesome friends
Jessi and Wen. I also grab ideas from various sources, ranging from fairy tales all over the world to Catholic traditions and imagery, as well as other random theologies and mythologies I've been interested in over the years.

You can find me on Facebook, as well as livejournal (, and Twitter(@LeInfantSamedi)

email Alison: jayamichan[at]