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Here are the animators, in alphabetical order.  Click on the artists' names (or the thumbnail images below) to go to their individual pages.  Once there, you can see their work, follow links to more of their cartoons, and get their contact info.  [Note: Some of the images here are fan art, so it's not all original to our locals. All characters are copyright their creators or mega-conglomerate corporate masters.]

Chris Adkins - Pelham

Derek Anderson - Hoover

Area 47 Entertainment - Birmingham

Kirk Creel - Hoover

Howard Cruse - Elsewhere

Frank Cummings - Alabaster

Chris Fason - Odenville

Chris Garrison - Birmingham

Andy Gray - Gardendale

James Hislope - Birmingham

Lee Long - Pelham

Scotty Martin - Moody

Sam McDavid - Birmingham

Heath McPherson - Pinson

Zachary Noah - Riverside

Nolen Otts - Birmingham

Eugene Qahhaar, II - Center Point

Russell Quick - Huntsville

Brian Ratigan - Elsewhere

Tim Rocks - Birmingham

Chris Rosko - Birmingham

Keith Thomson - Birmingham

Beverly Toole - Birmingham

Kevin Webb - Elsewhere