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Area 47 Entertainment - Birmingham

Area 47 Entertainment is a secret underground bunker, somewhere in the Crestwood area of Birmingham, where creators Chris Burns and Jeremy Burns tinker with all manner of specimens and test subjects.  Many of these experiments manifest in the form of music.  And since most of their music is silly and cartoonic, they figured, "Why not make a bunch of silly cartoons out of this stuff?"  

As musicians, they have been likened to such nutty acts as Flight Of The Conchords, Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants, and Ween.  As cartoonists, they look back to the great animators of their favorite cartoons, such as John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy), Matt Groening (The Simpsons), and Trey Parker & Matt Stone (South Park).  Other favorites include Bill Plympton, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Tom Snyder, and of course the ever cool and brilliant Chris Garrison!

These two animations were done for

Area 47 Entertainment's youtube channel.
Chris and Jeremy's production company: Everything Burns Productions, LLC
email Area 47: area47entertainment[at]