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Brandon McCullar - Tuscaloosa

[Wonderboy and the Incredible Mr. Epps]
Ball point pen on copy paper

[My True Potential]
Graphite, ink and colored pencil, in a Moleskine book
This is part of a book done for the Fear show for art house in Atlanta last year (2007). The topic was personal fears, past & present. The gallery sent out 500 Moleskine books to artists all over the country, which were returned for the show.

Pen and ink on watercolor paper.
I recently had this one on display for a one night group show at Greencup Books in Birmingham. I just love Ali.

After spending several years working on conceptual art, I decided to get back to my inspirational roots. My influences stem from popular culture and surrealism, resulting in a bit of a mishmash of dark humor, political weirdness and just-for-fun. I usually work in pen and ink or pencil for 2D, but I'm also into making sculpture, particularly with iron. Check out my blog for the rest of my work.

Blog: Black Mojo Art
Contact: blkmojo22[at]