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Cartoony Fine Artists

Here are the cartoony fine artists, in alphabetical order.  Click on the artists' names (or the thumbnail images below) to go to their individual pages.  Once there, you can see their work, follow links to more of their cartoons, and get their contact info.  [Note: Some of the images here are fan art, so it's not all original to our locals. All characters are copyright their creators or mega-conglomerate corporate masters.]

Joe Attaway - Birmingham

Macy Dofash - Mount Olive

Chris Garrison - Birmingham

Delaine Derry Green - Birmingham

Jamison Harper - Bessemer

Jonathan Hooks - Pinson

jenX - McCalla

Hal Jones - Odenville

Peyton Knight - Helena

Mark Martin - Elsewhere

Brandon McCullar - Tuscaloosa

Garth Potts - Birmingham

Brian Ratigan - Birmingham

Chris Rosko - Birmingham

Blake Showers - Birmingham

Stephen Smith - Helena

Pat Snow - Elsewhere

Don Stewart - Birmingham

Beverly Toole - Birmingham

Carolyn Wass - Mount Olive

Scotty White - Rainbow City

Hayley "Sio" Williams - Birmingham