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Chris Garrison - Birmingham

Hey, everybody. I'm Chris Garrison. I drew a weekly webcomic called Our Heroes, which ran for 64 weeks on It's a silly superhero strip, just finished in pencil for now.  The story starts HERE.  From there, click the NEXT button to navigate to the following week.

Before Our Heroes started, I had another strip on Dumm, called Zoo Laffs, which ran for 79 weeks.  Here's the first installment.  

I've collected some of my webcomics into print comics.  Click below to find out how to buy them online:

I also draw party caricatures.

. . . and I run EHI Portrait Studios.

And I draw cartoon maps of towns and colleges . . . and storyboards for TV commercials and such . . . and whatever other illustration jobs come my way.

And I'm a cartoon animator; I've done stuff for Cartoon Network, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon. Alabama folks may recall the commercials I used to do for Jack's Hamburgers, starring a Mick Jaggeresque chicken, and Rick & Bubba.  

I animated some parts of this Nickelodeon breakfast PSA at Titmouse, Inc., in L.A.:

And here's a short I did for MTV's Cartoon Sushi:

Love's Rich Bounty

And here's a music video I animated:

And I'm also the founder of the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas!

(and by the way, I also co-wrote and co-directed a live action short film called The Electric Heartbreaker. And I had a small acting role in the zombie feature Hide and Creep.)  

Our Heroes comics
Zoo Laffs comics
Print comics: EHI Comics on IndyPlanet
My sketch blog: Garrison's Junk
My YouTube channel:
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Riverside's official site:
My illustrated map blog: Garrison's Maps
My storyboard blog: Garrison's Boards
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