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Christopher Davis - Birmingham

I have always drawn cartoons ever since I was old enough to get beat up by other kids for always drawing cartoons. Cartoons and illustration were my first loves. Later my attention turned to graphic design, which is what I’ve been doing for a living since graduating from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 1997. Over the years, I’ve been getting back into cartoons more and more, which makes me a happy camper. Improv and stand-up comedy have been a big part of my life the last eight years. It’s a cool moonlighting gig.

I’m currently gathering information and picking people’s brains about traditional and digital animation, because I hope to produce an animated short this year, as well as a couple of children’s books, t-shirt designs, and maybe a bi-weekly editorial strip in a local paper. Who knows, maybe I’ll cure cancer while I’m at it. Good luck me!

I’m happy to be on this site with the rest of you daring Cartooneestas. There’s a lot of talent here and it’s encouraging me to practice more to improve my skills. Kudos to you! And by
Kudos, I mean the delicious individually wrapped snack treat. Thanks again Chris, for starting this whole salty thing. Very cool.

P.S. I own a copy of
The Electric Heartbreaker. Hell yeah I do!

Christopher "Oz" Davis on 
email: dcoz7[at]