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Corey Stockley - Huntsville

My name is Corey "ShinobiLunchbox" Stockley.  I live in Huntsville, AL.

What's there to say? I spend a great deal of my time drawing and animating. 

I aspire to be an animator one day, be it a starving art or not. I started off like most artists -- scribbling in my notebooks at school, day dreaming. When
I started college, I decided to kick my art up a notch, and maybe find a place to submit what I do.

For the longest time, I ran a strip called "Nowhere, Alabama" that ran for 60 pages. Sadly, because of my failing to backup any of the strips, when I shut the site down, my comics went with it.

Guest Comic for 1930 Nightmare Theatre, on Dumm Comics

Corey's art blog
Corey's facebook
Corey's email: shinobilunchbox[at]