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David LaRocca - Birmingham/Jemison

David LaRocca was born in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1980.  As a child, he developed a passionate interest in art that paralleled a growing fascination with fantasy, darkness and mystery. 


LaRocca's formal training began early and was fully realized when he received a Degree in 3D Animation in 2003.  He has been working as a professional Digital, Traditional and 3D artist for over 14 years.  LaRocca has done work in the 3D Animation, Comic book (Colorist), Educational and Video Game industries.  In this time, he began illustrating his own worlds of fantasy and horror.  The spectral, haunting quality of his paintings reflects his interest in the darker side of the human psyche. 

It is no surprise that LaRocca finds inspiration in the works of artists in diverse media: musicians like Tool, authors like H.P. Lovecraft, and fellow illustrators like Brom.  Like these artists, LaRocca is unafraid to explore the shadowy worlds of the mind, without regard to the polite tastes of the mainstream.


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