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Don Stewart - Birmingham

Quack: Portrait of the Artist in his former profession -

Don Stewart earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology & Art from Birmingham-Southern College, where he signed up for drawing classes as a break from a full load of premed courses. Here he was indelibly tainted by the influences of Arcimboldo’s classic substitutional paintings, M.C. Escher’s tessellations, and the ingenious composite renderings and sculptures of classmate Tom Wilkes. He also experimented independently with techniques in ballpoint pen drawing – especially after the art professor banned pens from the classroom.

Tiger Swallowtail -

Stewart continued to sketch as a hobby during medical school in Birmingham, and throughout his surgical internship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. After a year of resident training, however, the pen finally proved mightier than the scalpel, and the young doctor’s creative interests gained the upper hand. He finished his internship, earned his medical license, and promptly turned his full attention to drawing.

Fast Food: The Ultimate Meal on Wheels -

For more than twenty years he has made his living as a self-styled Visual Humorist, hammering words and pictures together at the 
DS Art Studio Gallery in Birmingham.

Shellican -

Head Case -