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Eugene Qahhaar, II - Center Point

My feet are cold. OK, they're warm now. But that's irrelevant.

I'm a Chicago transplant, living in Center Point. I'm pretty much a Jack of all trades in the areas of sculpting, animation, and illustration, focusing on traditional and digital work. 

Having not been formally trained in any form of art, I picked up habits that I found hindered the development of techniques I should have learned earlier, from mimicking a style without knowing why it works, to transitioning to dissimilar mediums, with long stints where I didn't practice. Because of that, I found my love of art broad and my focus wide, and bridging ideas which others find hostile became a goal. From my early love affair with MAD Magazine's art staff, the humor of Bill Watterson in the dailies, and contemporary anime and doujinshi artists such as Hiroyuki Imaishi, my love knows no bounds.

It takes little to enjoy it. It takes discipline to understand it. It takes genius to traverse its limits.

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