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Frank Cummings - Alabaster

Frank Cummings has been a working commercial artist for over 30 years. His early career was spent working in newspaper and advertising agency art departments. 

In 1992, he self-published JAB, a regional (southeast) illustrated satire/humor magazine. 

By 1995, the magazine had caught the eye of exercise guru Richard Simmons and national humor mag, Cracked. Frank spent the next nine years producing Richard's monthly newsletter, Richard Simmons & Friends, and illustrating monthly movie parodies for Cracked

In 2004, Frank was hired by King Features Syndicate and Dean Young to be the assistant artist (to head artist John Marshall) on the iconic comic strip, Blondie

Frank currently illustrates the Monday-Friday strips that are read by millions of people in over 2500 newspapers and translated into 35 languages daily.

email Frank Cummings: cummingsf[at]