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Hal Jones - Odenville

Hal Jones is a native born Southsider (Birmingham) who now resides in the wilds of St. Clair County.

His work in comics extends back to 
Eclipse's Tales of Terror #10, where he sold his first short story "The Submission." He later created Alternate Heroes, which was published through Prelude Graphics, and he worked on Blackthorne's Jungle Comics featuring Sheena Queen of the Jungle, as "Dragan Flaesc."

His work has appeared locally in the now defunct Southsider, and he's self-published a number of comics over the years, including 1995's
Beyond Human #0: The Violent Man, and 1997's Graven Images Redeemed; a distinctively Christian publication.

Today he is publishing 
Beyond Human online as a graphic novel and working on several short projects with buds from the Comic Artists Guild. He has, over the past 28 years, made his living from graphic arts, and is currently the graphic artist in residence at The Lovelady Center - a recovery shelter/life repair program housing over 350 women and 150 children, located in the old East End Memorial Hospital, in the East Lake community of Birmingham.