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Hayley "Sio" Williams - Birmingham

My name is Hayley Siobhan Williams (known on deviantART as "Sio" . . . it's quicker than writing out my whole name and keeps me from getting confused with the lead singer of Paramore >_< ), and I live somewhere north of Birmingham.

I've been drawing since I was an amoeba, practicing day after day out of sheer love for it. I'm a college junior at the moment, majoring in art studio, and hoping I can find the right launching pad to the career I dream about (which is somewhere in the realm of cartoons, graphic novels, and eventually getting my way with them.)

Genndy TartakovskyNobuhiro Watsuki, and Hayao Miyazaki have been my greatest inspirations in the past, but more recently, I'm a huge Avatar: The Last Airbender fan . . . or more acurately, an Avatard. My first big project was a 60 page fan comic, "Plight of the Freedom Fighters," based off minor characters in the show, which became a big hit on deviantART. And now with the help of some internet friends and fellow fans, I've started work on a sequel that takes place 10 years later. PFF2 is now online!!! (yaaay!) Why? I just love it, and the characters are so rewarding to bring to life . . . which in my opinion is what it's all about. ^_^

Besides that, I'm just working on improving my skills and finding my style.

Here's other places you can find me:
Plight of the Freedom Fighters:

email: hayleysiobhan[at]