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Howard Cruse - Elsewhere

*** No Longer With Us ***
Unfortunately, this Salty 'Ham Cartooneesta has passed on.  We will continue to maintain this web page, in his honor. 

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*** Honorary Ex-Pat ***
Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas honors our long lost brothers and sisters: those cartooneestas who are from these parts, but have since moved away. Howard Cruse resided in Massachusetts.

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Hi to all of you Alabama cartoonists unearthed by Chris for his site so far. As I've told Chris, I'm impressed by the skills I've seen on display to date at Salty 'Ham and appreciate his invitation to be part of the mix.

I'm one of those "ex-pats" from the Birmingham environs (went to school at 
Indian Springs and Birmingham-Southern after growing up in Springville) who hasn't lived in Alabama for a few decades now. After lots of years in New York City spent getting my career in freelance cartooning started, my partner and now husband Ed Sedarbaum resettled in northwestern Massachusetts five years ago. I still have friends and relatives in Birmingham, so I try and get back for visits when I can.

I've been all over the map with my cartooning, including magazine illustrations, advertising illustrations, and comic books. For two years in my youth I drew "Tops & Button," a cartoon panel about squirrels, for the now sadly defunct 
Birmingham Post-Herald. I was also the voice and hands in the early 1970s for Wilbur and Oscar on The Sgt. Jack Show, for any of you who are ancient enough to remember that local kiddie TV show.

I've published seven books over the years—or maybe eight, if you count 
FELIX'S FRIENDS, a small-scale trade paperback that is available only through the print-on-demand self-publishing site The best known of my books is the graphic novel STUCK RUBBER BABY, which was published in 1995 and, although fiction, was inspired by my experiences coming of age during Birmingham's civil rights clashes of the 1960s.

Anyone curious to know more about my various endeavors is welcome to visit my comics-packed web site...