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J'Mel Davidson - Birmingham

*** No Longer With Us ***
Unfortunately, this Salty 'Ham Cartooneesta has passed on.  We will continue to maintain this web page, in his honor. 

. . .

Hey! My name is J'mel Davidson, and I live in Birmingham, Alabama.

Robot Cat!

If for some reason you've heard of me, it could be because I write the 
Suburban Legends section for the Birmingham Weekly. I'm a frequent guest on CBS 42's Wake Up Alabama. Or perhaps you've heard of my full length film, which I don't like, so I won't mention the title!

Dropsey Doodle

I was a student at the 
Savannah College of Art and Design, a very long time ago, but I eventually turned all of my attention to writing.

But the cartooning urge -- she never goes away!

Ricky Skeeball

So now I'm manning a blog,, where my passion for both writing AND drawing can live in peace!

My current project is to draw a creep a day -- a year long excercise in doodling and sketching a character everyday. So far, so good!