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Jamison Harper - Bessemer

Hey all. I like what I see on here and wanted to get to know some of the talent on board.

As for me, I grew up drawing, got into comic books in high school, went to college and got an art degree and was strongly discouraged from comics as a viable form of art. So I pursued fine arts, and had a few shows here and there, worked as an illustrator for a while, crashed and burned and feel like I'm trying to pick up the pieces now.

Thanks to my wife, I have pursued creating once again as we come up with ideas and characters together and she encourages me to draw them. Collectively, we have come up with several ideas and invented our own little world which is the inspiration for the stand alone works or excerpts from homemade books we have dreamed up together.

A page from the first story I wrote for my wife. It is about little "yawnmonsters" that travel through dreams and escape through our yawns to create some fun-filled and harmless mischief.

This guy has no real context. He's thinking about what he wants to draw.

This was another story that Tammy (my wife) and I came up with. It's about two children, who imitate us as children in real life, that live in the smallwoods and make bear costumes after hearing the story "Goldilocks." They go off to do the things they think bears do based off of the story, as they are unfamiliar with real life bears, because of their lives in the smallwoods.

I guess my fine arts history prompts me to make little pieces such as these, but I am admittedly entering into a new appreciation for comics once again. I would love to hone my comics skills and have dreamed of a comic art environment similar to "the Studio," for anyone who may remember 
Jon Knowles.

I day job at the bank, play in several bands, and do some design work for fun, for a little company in Philadelphia called
Sire Press. I hope to get a website working in the future to post some art to, and appreciate this opportunity here. My wife and I play folk influenced music about our stories here:

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