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John Lytle Wilson - Birmingham

John Lytle Wilson not only paints animals, but also robots.  After growing up in Rock Hill, South Carolina, John mastered his techniques at Birmingham-Southern College and Florida State University, and served as Artist in Residence at 621 Gallery in Tallahassee.  

Monkey Force Under Attack!

He has a national exhibition record and has been featured in several online magazines and print publications.

Where Fire Monkeys Come From

Family and friends call him John.  He uses his middle name, Lytle, only to distinguish himself from tens of thousands of other John Wilsons out there.  (If you find yourself needing to say it, Lytle rhymes with title, not spittle.)  While fine people, it would not be good to be confused with John Wilson the astrologer or John Wilson the large game hunter.  It would be pretty cool if he were mistaken for John Wilson the game show host or John Wilson the ninja.

Red Red Robot on Fire

Frida 3000

What's That Chimera Doing?

Lake Retreat

When not working in the studio, John avoids mowing the lawn and doing the dishes.  He enjoys firecrackers, macaroni and cheese, and riding very, very small bicycles.


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