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Kevin Van Hyning - Birmingham

Kevin Van Hyning has been drawing and making cartoons as far back as he can remember holding a crayon. Spending most of his formative years trying to render the perfect Roger Rabbit, Kevin notes the Holy Trinity of cartooning -- Carl Barks, R. Crumb, and Daniel Clowes -- as his three greatest inspirations.

Kevin's day job is graphic design and marketing, where, unfortunately, he has limited interaction with traditional illustration, unless you count Adobe Illustrator as a perfectly valid substitute for the real act of drawing.

When not cartooning (which is an ever growing chasm of time these days), Kevin motors his creative engine by performing stand up, improvisation and acting in plays, as well as independent films.

Kevin can be reached at kvanhyning[at] or by visiting his Behance portfolio site. He also just started an illustration blog.

Also, if you're interested in his comedy, visit his comedy troupe's website at

Kevin on Behance
StudioKevin illustration blog

email Kevin: kvanhyning[at]