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Kevin Webb - Elsewhere

*** Honorary Ex-Pat ***

I've really enjoyed all the great art and animation here - Well done, everyone! 

Years ago at an internship, I was fortunate to get the task of adding color to Chris Garrison's great animated short, Love's Rich Bounty. Chris already knew the color scheme he wanted, so it was essentially a fun PhotoShop coloring book.

It was also a real eye opener for me to see first hand how animation was made. It was inspiring. It was like someone had a key that unlocked the magic of the Saturday morning cartoons I was obsessed with as a child. That chance occurrence planted the seed that would eventually become my first animation, Meet The Pop Whores, which screened at Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival 2017. 

I have an affection for weird, satirical, surreal and silly art. Right now, I'm working on a couple new animations.

Drop me a line, say hello!

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