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Kevin Webb - Elsewhere

*** Honorary Ex-Pat ***

I've really enjoyed all the great art and animation here - Well done, everyone! 

Years ago at an internship, I was fortunate to get the task of adding color to Chris Garrison's great animated short, Love's Rich Bounty. Chris already knew the color scheme he wanted, so it was essentially a fun PhotoShop coloring book.

It was also a real eye opener for me to see first hand how animation was made. It was inspiring. It was like someone had a key that unlocked the magic of the Saturday morning cartoons I was obsessed with as a child. That chance occurrence planted the seed that would eventually become my first animation, Meet The Pop Whores, which screened at Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival 2017. 

I'm currently working on an animated short about Birmingham's own music legend Cleve Eaton.

I have an affection for weird, satirical, surreal and silly art and animation. 

As you can see, my antisocial media is currently limited, but soon to be expanded! Drop me a line, say hello!

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email Kevin: ufotpw[at]