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Kinch Raby, II - Hoover

Kinch Raby, II, like many superheroes, leads a double life.  Based out of Hoover, Alabama, he is a banking professional by day and a freelance artist by night.  He balances the logic and rationale of numbers and finances with the imaginary styling of high science fiction, fantasy, urban noir and superhero genres.

While banking currently pays the bills, Kinch's lifelong ambition is to devote himself to his art, specializing in sequential art and graphic design. Currently he is seeking to self publish his creator-owned project MAGNUM HOCUS, which can be best described as a mash-up of 90's hip hop, 70's action cinema and mysticism.  

Kinch has never met a mutant or meta-human he didn't like. He hearts all things Street Fighter, pastrami and coleslaw sandwiches, and can often be overheard humming everyone’s favorite ode to Daniel LaRusso, "You’re the Best," while sketching.

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Kinch's blog: Kinch by Kinch

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