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Kirk Creel - Hoover

*** No Longer With Us ***
Unfortunately, this Salty 'Ham Cartooneesta has passed on.  We will continue to maintain this web page, in his honor. 

. . .

Hi Everybody!

I'm Kirk Creel, I currently live in 
Hoover with my wife Joan and daughter Jessica. I also have a son in the Army who lives in Germany with his wife and my two grandkids. As you can see, I like to do single panel comics and am currently developing a strip. I work as a mainframe computer technician for a big old phone company for now but hope to do way more art when I "retire".

I have a main site over at, and it has links to my other sites and other folks that I like a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing more of everyone's great art!

Feel free to contact me at [redacted].

Kirk Out