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Marcus Lusk - Gadsden

Marcus Lusk was born in Anniston in 1964. Though he has tried to escape numerous times, he continues to find himself back in Alabama.

From 1995-1997 he created and self-published 
TALES FROM THE BOG, a low-key anthropomorphic "dramedy" that has been described as a cross between Walt Kelly's POGO and THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. The series followed the quiet misadventures of the gator-like citizens of a small southern town and ran for 7 issues. The book's readership numbered over 5,000 and included such comics luminaries as Will EisnerJeff SmithDave SimSteve BissetteGerhardTerry MooreHoward Cruse and Larry Marder.

After completing the first storyline, Lusk placed the series on extended hiatus in 1998. Over the last decade he has concentrated primarily on freelance graphic design and raising his two children. Recently, Lusk announced the return of
TALES FROM THE BOG as a webcomic. New stories should begin appearing online soon, with collected print editions to follow.

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