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Mega Comics Group - Albertville

From Mark Poe: records some of my past comics work, especially with my friend and business partner, Freazie White, Jr. (pronounced Fray-zee) and friends that helped us.

Freazie and I met years ago as members of an Amateur Press Association (APA) called
Alpha-Omega. Freazie read one of my submissions titled Razor's Edge, a typed synopsis with very little art, for a new book I was working on. Freazie loved it and called me up. We hit it off and began working together on Razor's Edge. Freazie was penciling and rewriting it to fit the comic book format. I inked his work, and we began submitting the pages to Alpha-Omega. From there we started publishing Small Press comics under the name of Magi Graphics. We worked on those characters until about 1991, when we began planning to move into the Independent Comics market. In that same year, we launched Legacy Comics and published two titles, Project: New Man and Humants.

Now What?

16 years after Legacy Comics closed it's doors, we're back at it! This time under the label of 
Mega Comics Group, the publishing arm of Mega Graphics, LLC. So what has changed in that time? Well, just about everything.

All this time, I've been keeping notebooks and making plans that maybe someday I could get back into doing comics. Now, with comics moving to the web, I've started over. Who knows where we'll go from here? Right now, we want to re-present our previous material leading up to presenting some all new characters, concepts, and story lines.