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Perry Sessions - Leeds

My name is Perry Sessions.  I'm 29, and I work as a used book dealer for my dad's business.  I've lived in the Birmingham area all my life, and I just moved to Leeds this year.

Art has been my main passion as long as I can remember.  
I got my associates degree in Graphic Art(s) at Lawson State (Bessemer Tech, at that time),
 but I've only done a few freelance/pro jobs here and there, nothing major so far.  I'm not against the idea of drawing for a living, I guess I just find it much more frustrating trying to wrap my head around other people's ideas.  Not having a handy pre-constructed mental image to rely on doesn't help either. I honestly prefer doing art for the sake of it and just enjoying the process.

I'm also an amateur game designer.  I've spent over a year on several projects in Game Maker and hope to have at least one finished game by the end of 2010.  I've wanted to make games since I was a kid, and for the longest time, I couldn't see my creative ambitions going beyond the single, still images I had always done.  It's nice to feel like I'm working towards something bigger.

My primary medium is digital - mostly Photoshop and Illustrator; but I have a good amount of experience in ink (brush), colored pencil and paint (well, just a bit.) My stylistic focus is usually either pinup or fantasy art.  Ok ... most often it's pinups with wild fantasy elements.  What can I say, sexy girls are universally fun to draw. :)

Whatever I'm doing, I love bright, vibrant colors and abuse them to the pleasure (or detriment) of everyone's eyeballs whenever possible. 

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email: eyeofvogler[at]