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Peyton Knight - Helena

I have had a vast amount of life experience in a short time.  I have been a professional illustrator, a fashion model, a personal trainer, a gymnast, and a professional musician.  

I have had experiences that I chose, and many that were chosen for me, just as anyone else does.  Anything that I do is a learning opportunity to me, and I strive to use my experiences to make me better ... a better 'Me' in general.  And that is what gives me my inspiration.

I have been illustrating all of my life.  It all started with my interest in comic books.  For as long as I can remember, I have been fixated on the idea of bringing my universe to life.

I have illustrated commercials, comic book work, fashion design, logo design, etc.

My drive is in creating; whether I'm drawing, writing music, sculpting, painting, building, or anything else, I feel a drive to be creating something.

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