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Stephen Smith - Helena

Stephen Smith says,

Woo hoo! Looks like a union meeting. "More Jobs and fair wages for cartoonists!"

I recognize a few of the names here. I live in 
Helena and do all kinds of art and illustration. My main website can be found at But Spacebabes is more fun and can be found at

Sorry for so many links, but if you like Spacebabes, check out the Case of the Haunted Castle.

And a bunch of other stuff at

To prove my web ventures aren't totally self-serving, I'm studying art history at 
UAB and wrote a term paper on Popeye the Sailor Man. The best Popeye adventure was Plunder Island, in 1933-4. I scanned it and put the whole thing online. Enjoy it at

email Stephen Smith: stephenhsmith[at]