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The Weezel Shaun Burnett - Tuscaloosa

I'm a recently married down-on-my-luck comic creator and part time professional wrestler trying to find work in either field. Wrestling by itself doesn't pay the bills, and not getting anything published won't pay any bills.

Comic books gave me the idea to become a super hero in the first place. But at a very young age, after many failed attempts to fly and beat up people larger than myself, I discovered professional wrestling on television; real live men and women in real live spandex; real life heroes and villains doing feats no mortal could. Since that day when I was four years old, I've been trying to entertain the world the best I can, with either comics or professional wrestling.

If people need me for my talents, I can either be reached via e-mail, or through my
Elance, my LiveJournal, or my deviantART.  I can also be found at MySpace
, because I know many others use it, despite the fact I despise using it and believe the site in general should only be used for business purposes and not social networking.

email: weezel365[at]