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Tim Spinosi - Pelham

Tim Spinosi
General All-Purpose Creative Guy

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I decided the join the SaltyHam Cartooneestas for the following three reasons:

1.    My long time writing partner and JAB Magazine cofounder Frank Cummings drug me to one of SaltyHam's meetings. It turned out to be fun, and the cookies were tasty.

2.    I went up and looked at the web site, and it turns out that I taught about half of the guys on the list of members. I won't mention any names ... you know who you are.

3.    Again, after checking the SaltyHam Cartooneestas' web site, I realized I appeared to be somewhat conspicuous by absence.

During the '90's, I was lucky enough to do work for a variety of comic book and trading card companies, from Marvel and Fleer/SkyBox to Acclaim Comics and Wizards of the Coast. Some of these samples have been published, some have not.

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These are just of some of my caricatures and other characters I created for various projects over the years. A few of these ultimately ended up as animated characters in some of the 5 Guys in a Garage shorts that we produced over the years. My hope is that we'll be able to link up some of these animation shorts to this site in the future.

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Please note - I'm not displaying any art from JAB Magazine, as a separate page is in the works for the magazine and its subsequent spin-off projects, JABtv and 5 Guys in a Garage.

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