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Carlos Valentin - Dothan

A little bit about me -- I'm from NYC, so automatically I grew up watching and loving everything TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). So, at the age of 8 or 9, I attempted to actually draw them. Didn't start out looking great, but as time went on, I kept practicing and practicing on anything from TMNT to copying Looney Tunes VHS covers. I moved up to drawing comic book heroes, and I loved the challenge of drawing every detail, every line, and trying to make it look as close as possible to the actual artist's work.

I took a little bit of time off from drawing due to college, then work, getting married, basically becoming an adult type of stuff (LOL). In the last year, my family and wife have really pushed me into trying to get back into drawing and seeing where it'll take me. I joined the comic book drawing class at Kingdom Comics, and my skills have really taken off. Especially since I've moved into the realm of digital art. I bought a Wacom tablet and have started working on that. I feel it was the final push I needed to get my work to the next level.

My artistic influences are Jim Lee, Frank Miller, and some John Romita, Jr. stuff. I've been told my newest stuff looks like a combination of Jim Lee and Frank Miller. You be the judge, lol. 

Right now, I'm just having fun, drawing stuff for friends and family. The best feeling I get is seeing their faces light up when they see the quality of work I provide them with, in the very short amount of time I can do it in. I'd like to further develop my skills and come up with more of my own style in the near future. 

email Carlos: valen011[at]